Professional Dog Training in Arrington, TN

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Good training is often the key to the closest and most rewarding relationship with your dog. The skilled training team at Dogwood Hollow will bring out your pet’s truest potential with a custom-built training program designed for lasting results.

Positive Dog Training with Proven Results

At Dogwood Hollow, we believe training should be a fun, enjoyable experience for everyone involved. Each canine pupil receives a customized training program built around your needs and goals. Our action-packed training taps into your dog’s natural desires and motivations to bring out their best.

Our Dog Training Philosophy

We specialize in obedience and manners training to enhance communication, understanding, and trust between you and your dog. Each of our training team members uses a variety of proven, positive-based techniques based on your dog’s breed, age, and experience. Every customized program is built to accomplish 3 major objectives:

  • Teach your dog the important obedience skills to make them the best possible family member they can be
  • Show you and your family how to maintain and build upon your pet’s newly developed skills
  • Provide ongoing support beyond the program’s end to ensure lasting success

Dog Training Programs

Stay & Train

Our most popular and effective program takes place during a stay at our full-service resort. This special training experience gives us the chance to work closely with your dog in the shortest time frame, cementing important skills and behaviors. Here’s what’s included:

  • Private overnight accommodations in our climate-controlled resort
  • Multiple daily training sessions customized for your pet
  • Daily play sessions, either in group or individual
  • Comprehensive wellness checks each day
  • Meals, treats, fresh water, and plenty of attention
  • Departure lessons at the end of the program
  • Ongoing phone support, take-home materials and practice exercises


Call Us Today to Schedule Your

FREE Training Evaluation! ($79 Value)

Play & Train

If you just want a daytime option, Play & Learn is like doggie daycare meets training. Throughout the day, your pup will receive one-on-one training lessons according to your individualized program. Call for more information!

Why Choose Dogwood Hollow for Dog Training?

  • Each of our training team members is educated in a range of positive-based training techniques to bring out the best in every pet.
  • We have a dedicated training area in our facility, enabling us to control the amount of distractions your dog encounters during training, leading to better retention
  • Your pet will work with multiple training professionals, ensuring they associate desired behaviors with the cues given rather than the person giving them
  • We have caregivers on the premises 24/7 for round-the-clock supervision