Professional Dog Bathing & Spa

Dogs (and their owners) are happiest when they’re clean and beautiful! Let the professional spa staff at Dogwood Hollow bring out the best in your pup, whether they need a simple bath or special salon treatment. We have experience with dogs of all kinds and we’re highly trained to provide the most relaxing salon experience possible.

Our Spa Offerings

  • Bath packages
  • Nail trimming and maintenance
  • Ear cleaning
  • Specialty shampoos
  • Fresh Breath Treatment
  • And more!

The Unsung Benefits of Dog Bathing!

The Unsung Benefits of Dog Bathing!Did you know regular visits to a professional bather is an important part of keeping your dog in tip-top shape? More than pampering and beautifying, our bathers maintain your dog’s health in crucial ways.

Regular baths and brush-outs keep hair from developing painful mats and promotes a healthy, vibrant coat.

Our spa staff are trained to screen the skin, paws, and ears for signs of health concerns as part of a routine bath.

Keeping canine nails trimmed promotes healthy paws and posture. Plus- your hardwood floors will appreciate it, too.

Professional brushes are designed to reach the inner layers of your dog’s fur, removing loose hair and greatly reducing shedding.